Gradle 1.9-rc-2 is now available for testing

The Gradle team is pleased to announce that the second candidate for Gradle 1.9 is now available.

This addresses the following issues identified with 1.9-rc-1:

  • GRADLE-2931 - Dependencies declared in a POM with the same groupId and artifactId but different type or classifier are treated as duplicates * GRADLE-2932 - Using Gradle 1.9-rc-1 after using 1.9 nightly produces error: “Unexpected lock protocol found in lock file”

Download links and release notes can be found as always at

Please try Gradle 1.9-rc-2 with your projects and let us know your experiences.

My personal projects seem to work fine so far but the project in our company fails badly while it works with 1.8:

Let me know if you need further info, preferably by mail. I had to obfuscate parts of the output and we are applying a special webapp plugin in that module…

Sorry, forgot creating a separate thread. Did so at