Gradle 1.8-rc-2 is now available for testing

The Gradle team is pleased to announce that the second release candidate for Gradle 1.8 is now available.

This version fixes two issues found in 1.8-rc-1:

  • GRADLE-2889

  • GRADLE-2890

You can find information on what’s new in the release notes.

Download links for the release candidate can be found as always at

Please try Gradle 1.8-rc-2 with your projects and let us know your experiences.

In my build, this candidate reliably fails when running unit tests due to NoClassDefFoundError or resource loading problems. The tests pass in v1.7 and in Eclipse, so I suspect that there is another dependency bug.

EDIT: Appears to be unable to find resources on the classpath. Due to poor usage of statics this resulted in a class load problem. The resources are listed in the jar and build/resources/main.

Hello Benjamin,

thanks for reporting this problem. Do you have a selfcontained small example availabe that allows us to reproduce your problem easily?

cheers, René


Can you submit a stack trace? Did it work with 1.8-rc-1?

A small sample project would be awesome :wink:

Thanks a lot for reporting!

This is my fault and not a bug. I think it is a change in behavior due to the upgrade of Ant. I was using the FixCrLfFilter across all files in processResources, assuming it correctly skipped binary content. This worked in v1.7, but with 1.8-rc-X it fails. I’ve added a filesMatching predicate to restrict it to *.sql files which we validate by checksum that they haven’t been modified after a release (Flyway).

Thanks for update!

In 1.8rc2 and in previous “all” distributions I used there are multiple instances of the same file:


… with the following sizes:

89 bytes 133 bytes 56 bytes 65 bytes

Hello “Learner”, thanks for your feedback. this is a known issue which is fixed on master but I think the fix will not be merged down to the 1.8 release branch

Also, tested again, still an issue: