Gradle 1.8-rc-2 is now available for testing

(René Groeschke) #1

The Gradle team is pleased to announce that the second release candidate for Gradle 1.8 is now available.

This version fixes two issues found in 1.8-rc-1:

  • GRADLE-2889

  • GRADLE-2890

You can find information on what’s new in the release notes.

Download links for the release candidate can be found as always at

Please try Gradle 1.8-rc-2 with your projects and let us know your experiences.

(Ben Manes) #2

In my build, this candidate reliably fails when running unit tests due to NoClassDefFoundError or resource loading problems. The tests pass in v1.7 and in Eclipse, so I suspect that there is another dependency bug.

EDIT: Appears to be unable to find resources on the classpath. Due to poor usage of statics this resulted in a class load problem. The resources are listed in the jar and build/resources/main.

(René Groeschke) #3

Hello Benjamin,

thanks for reporting this problem. Do you have a selfcontained small example availabe that allows us to reproduce your problem easily?

cheers, René

(Szczepan Faber) #4


Can you submit a stack trace? Did it work with 1.8-rc-1?

A small sample project would be awesome :wink:

Thanks a lot for reporting!

(Ben Manes) #5

This is my fault and not a bug. I think it is a change in behavior due to the upgrade of Ant. I was using the FixCrLfFilter across all files in processResources, assuming it correctly skipped binary content. This worked in v1.7, but with 1.8-rc-X it fails. I’ve added a filesMatching predicate to restrict it to *.sql files which we validate by checksum that they haven’t been modified after a release (Flyway).

(Szczepan Faber) #6

Thanks for update!


In 1.8rc2 and in previous “all” distributions I used there are multiple instances of the same file:


… with the following sizes:

89 bytes 133 bytes 56 bytes 65 bytes

(René Groeschke) #8

Hello “Learner”, thanks for your feedback. this is a known issue which is fixed on master but I think the fix will not be merged down to the 1.8 release branch


Also, tested again, still an issue: