Gradle 1.7+ - any plans to upgrade ant and ivy?

Ant 1.9.1 and Ivy 2.3.0 are released. Any plans when gradle will pick those up ? Is this an option for 1.7 ?

No plans at this point, and RC is targeted for Monday.

Is there something specifically you need from these upgrades?

ant 1.9 has if/unless on all tasks, which is way better that the xml if constructs using antcontrib. ivy has many bug fixes, which may be worth the upgrade.

We currently have an old ant setup and a new gradle setup (with ant imports). In the near future I would like to get rid of our ant distribution and use gradle’s ant instead.

We are unlikely to upgrade Ivy as we have come to rely on its bugs and have compensated for them. Upgrading would be non trivial at this point.

Upgrading Ant is possible, but there’s no time to do it for 1.7. We can do it early for 1.8 maybe and you could roll with a nightly build.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

I added an issue for upgrading Ant: GRADLE-2814.