Update Gradle's dependency version

Hi - Curious if there is a way to change (update) a dependency of gradle?

I would like to update ant from 1.8.2 to 1.8.4 and not sure the best way to do so?



Ant is an integral part of Gradle. As such there is no way to choose an Ant version other than the one that ships with Gradle. (You could replace the Ant Jar in the Gradle distribution, but that’s not something we design or provide support for.) That said, I’d expect us to upgrade to the latest Ant version fairly soon.

Hi Peter - Thanks. I did that initially; changing the jar as well as the gradle-core-1.0-rc-3.jar\gradle-core-classpath.properties… but obviously that isn’t a sustainable solution.

Any idea if rc-4 will have ant 1.8.3. or 1.8.4 ?

This won’t happen before Gradle 1.1 (at the soonest).