Gradle 1.5 released

We’re excited to announce the release of Gradle 1.5. Gradle 1.5 is ready for download. Have a look at the full release notes for Gradle 1.5, and, as always, please share your feedback and experiences with Gradle 1.5 via the Gradle Forums.

What’s New in Gradle 1.5?

Faster, more Efficient Builds

Building on improvements delivered over the past year, 1.5 brings even faster dependency resolution, configuration-on-demand and parallel execution. Gradle’s performance effort is driven by the largest development efforts in the industry, and there’s still more performance to be gained. At this stage, each major release results in dramatic reductions in build time for large builds. If you use Gradle, that’s reason enough to upgrade.

New Capabilities: Dependency Resolve Rules

You can now do things in Gradle that you can’t do with other build tools. Gradle 1.5 gives you fine-grained, customizable dependency resolution rules to address issues with complex dependency graphs. Troublesome dependencies can be addressed without having to work around existing metadata.

New Publishing Plugins

On the publication side, the incubating Maven and Ivy publishing plugins are now able solve more publishing use-cases with elegance. These are the first steps in an effort to make it easier to define the output of a project. Instead of being constrained to only working with JARs and WARs, the Gradle project is working on systems that can adapt to a wide variety of languages and approaches to deployment. Stay tuned.

Increasing Community Contributions

We’ve noticed an increase in code and documentation contributions from the community, both large and small. Some very useful new features such as the “build dashboard” and “distributions” plugins, to name a few, came by way of contribution. If you’d like to get involved and contribute to Gradle, a great place to start is

Gradle & Android Webinar/Training

The Google Android team, in cooperation with Gradleware, has created a new Gradle-based build system for Android Applications and Libraries. This Gradle-Android integration showcases fundamental qualities that make Gradle an attractive build system for mobile applications, or in fact for all kind of applications. In short order, most Android developers will be using the Android-specific Gradle DSL to deliver Product Flavors, Build Variants, and Build Types to deliver applications for an expanding ecosystem of phones and other devices.

Register for ‘The new Android Build System’ webinar on April 16th

Register also for our new, half-day online training class focused on Gradle for Android application developers.

Register for Gradle Summit 2013, June 13th

The Gradle team is also excited to announce the first ever “Gradle Summit” (Sponsored by Gradleware), held June 13th - 14th in Santa Clara, California.

Join us for two fully-packed days of technical sessions from Gradle core developers. We’ve planned a range of session from introductory level sessions on Gradle to advanced, deep dives into Gradle internals. You will also have the opportunity to see how Gradle is used at several large companies. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet fellow Gradle users and interact with the Gradle development team.

This is an event not to miss. Registration is now open.

More Trainings

Don’t miss our in-depth 3-day build-master classes delivered by one of the Gradle Core developers. We have upcoming classes in New York, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt and Munich.

Subscription Management

We’ve created a new subscription management tool where you can register interest in various topics including: C++, Scala, Javascript, and .NET. You can also subscribe (or unsubscribe) to several updates including:

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Gradle 1.6 release outlook

As usual, we have already posted the outlook for the next release.

Great news!

Thanks for the hard work guys!

The “more” buttons on the release notes appear to be broken for me for the 1.5 release notes. Using the same browser session the 1.4 notes are working fine.

Can you please give me browser specifics, and is it all buttons?

Yes it is all buttons on the 1.5 release notes. To be clear: is absolutely fine. “more buttons” don’t work at all. also doesn’t work.

I am using Firefox 20.0.1

Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.