Gradle 1.4 released

The Gradle team is excited to announce the release of Gradle 1.4.

New in Gradle 1.4

Here’s a quick rundown of the major improvements included in this release:

  • Significant performance improvements in the area of test execution and SNAPSHOT dependency resolution - Improved Scala/Groovy support - Better dependency resolution reports - Several important dependency resolution bug fixes and improvements - Faster startup time for large multi-module builds via ‘configure-on-demand’ - A new ‘java-library-distribution’ plugin - Aggregation of test reports for multi-module builds - Improved TestNG reporting - Fine-grained control over dependency resolution via ‘dependency resolve rules’

See the release notes for an in-depth look at Gradle 1.4.

Outlook for Gradle 1.5

We’ve already started work on Gradle 1.5, which we plan to release in our regular 6 week timeframe. If you’re interested in what is planned, check out the Gradle 1.5 outlook, which explains what we are now working on and what we hope to achieve.

Gradle Summit 2013

New this year, Gradle Summit 2013 is a 2 day conference from June 13-14 in the Bay Area. This two track conference is for Gradle experts as well as for folks evaluating the technology, and will provide a unique opportunity to meet all Gradle core engineers.

In addition to presentations from the team about how to get the most out of Gradle, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from the real-world experience of some of the biggest Gradle users out there. Some of the most advanced release engineering teams in the world (e.g. Netflix, LinkedIn) will present how they are using Gradle for continuous delivery, and the Google Android team will give an in-depth look into the new Android build system.

Gradle Summit 2013 will be preceded by a 3-day Gradle expert training delivered by our core developers. Conference website will be up very soon - follow us on the forums, Twitter or Google plus to get the updates.

Books and Training

The Gradle library is filling up. We are excited about the upcoming “Gradle in Action” (Manning) by Benjamin Muschko, long term Gradle contributor and author of numerous Gradle plugins. We’ve reviewed the first 5 chapters and they look great! Expect to hear more about this soon.

New Gradle Trainings have been scheduled for San Jose (CA), London and Frankfurt, with New York and Munich classes to be scheduled very soon. Follow us on the forums, Twitter or Google plus to get the updates.

Thank You

Thanks to everyone in the community for helping make Gradle the best build tool ever. Whether it’s by participating in the forum, reporting bugs, trying out release candidates or submitting patches, we couldn’t do it without your involvement.

We hope you enjoy Gradle 1.4.

Great job guys! Good to see you keep up the pace.