Gradle 1.3 released

We are excited to announce the release of Gradle 1.3.

This release comes with a new type of dependency report, improved Scala support (in cooperation with Typesafe) and some very important stabilization and optimization, particularly in the area of dependency management. We have also made the first step towards a richer and more powerful publication approach as an incubating feature. See the release notes for an in-depth look at Gradle 1.3.

We have also written a quick outlook on the 1.4 release, explaining what we are now working on going forward.

We are excited that there is a new book on Gradle written by Hubert Klein Ikkink (a.k.a Mr. Haki) available through Packt Publishing. Hubert is well known for his blogging, including his dedicated Gradle Goodness series.

The new Gradle based Android build system is progressing nicely. If you’re doing Android development, please try it out and provide feedback at the adt-dev list.

In the recent months we have seen a wave of migration towards Gradle in the enterprise. We are inspired by the automation challenges we have seen and excited to see Gradle helping teams in such complex domains. Gradleware would like to thank all the individuals and enterprises we have worked with and who are helping to make Gradle an even better enterprise build system.

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming Gradle webinars, as well as screen casts of past webinars via the Gradleware resources page.

We are looking forward to the Continuous Delivery Experience/Rich Web Experience conference next week. Gradleware will be there with a booth and many presentations by Hans Dockter and Luke Daley.

We hope you enjoy Gradle 1.3.