Gradle-1.0-rc1 snapshot available

We’re getting close!

The Gradle team is very excited to provide a ‘sneak preview’ of what is proposed to be Gradle-1.0-rc1. It’s working great for us on our builds, but we’d love to get some feedback on how this latest Gradle version works for you.

This release includes a bunch of bug fixes as well as some cool improvements (like not re-downloading unchanged snapshots that were published without SHA1 keys). Take a look at the release notes for details, and a list of bug fixes.

So what are you waiting for? You’re just a quick update to away from checking out this snapshot. Complete instructions for using the snapshot can be found here.

Don’t forget to read the migration guide for a heads-up on any deprecations and potential breaking changes.

If we don’t hear back about any nasty issues in the next week or so, we’ll be releasing this snapshot as Gradle-1.0-rc1. We’ll give everyone a couple of weeks to try it out, and if everything is honky-dory you can expect a Gradle-1.0 final not too long after.

Thanks for taking the time to try this out, and thanks for your enthusiasm and support. See you at the Gradle-1.0 launch party!*

* Party not guaranteed :).

So, basically this is a release candidate for a release candidate?

Yeah, it essentially is. Post 1.0 we’ll be cutting out public snapshots to avoid infinite RC recursion.