Gradle 1.0-rc-1 now available

The first (and hopefully last) release candidate for Gradle 1.0 is now available.

Download links can be found @, and as always please read the Release Notes and Migration Guide.

If no serious issues are discovered by our users, Gradle 1.0 final will follow this release in the next few weeks. As such, we would very much appreciate you taking the time to try the RC on your projects and reporting any problems that you find here on the forums.

For more on the 1.0 and after process, please see this previous post.

Happy Gradling.

The following issues are marked with “Fix version/s: 1.0” but are still unresolved:

  • GRADLE-1298 - Change in filtered resource not picked up by archive tasks (Critical) - GRADLE-1646 - Copy tasks do not consider filter/expansion properties in up-to-date checks (Blocker) - GRADLE-1276 - processResources task considered up-to-date although its spec has changed (Major)

I consider those quite important for the 1.0 release since they kind of prevent the Gradle-up-to-date-magic from happening properly.

Are you still planning to fix those before release?

They won’t be fixed for the 1.0 release, we are simply out of time. We’ll get the information in JIRA cleaned up.

There are, admittedly, inconvenient workarounds for all of those problems in that you can explicitly specify the inputs yourself.