New 1.0-milestone-9 snapshot available

A newer, better 1.0-milestone-9 snapshot is now available! It would be very helpful if you could give it a spin in your project and give us feedback. You are just a quick update to away from checking out this snapshot. Complete instructions for using the snapshot can be found here.

We needed another snapshot to make sure following fixes are included: -a fix for issue with file permissions of files unzipped by Gradle (GRADLE-2158) -non-Ant Java compiler integrations now honor compile.options.debugOptions.debugLevel

Have a look at the release notes for details, and a list of bug fixes.

Please read the migration guide, as there are some deprecations and potential breaking changes.

Gradle 1.0-milestone-9 will be the last release before we go into the RC phase for 1.0 final. For more on the process from here to 1.0 final, see this post.

Sorry if you see this message twice - I have accidentally updated a previous announcement by Luke about an earlier snapshot.