New Gradle 1.0-milestone-5 snapshot available

A snapshot for Gradle 1.0-milestone-5 is now available, which fixes a bunch of problems introduced in milestone-4. It also fixes a pile of other issues, and adds some new features. More details are available in the release notes (a work in progress).

The snapshot is available at We would appreciate your help in testing this snapshot. Please point your wrapper at the distribution, or download and install it, and let us know how you go.

There will be at least one more snapshot before we release milestone-5, as we still need to fix GRADLE-1727. This issue makes the snapshot unusable with Gradle’s own build, and presumably other builds, too. So, this snapshot is essentially a beta release of milestone-5.

Please note that there are some breaking changes in this release. See breaking changes for details.

I’ve just tested this snapshot with one of our builds. We still run into GRADLE-1723