Future of Jetty Plugin?

Hi, I’m the lead developer of the Jetty project and a complete Gradle nube. We have some increasing interest in Gradle, so it is beyond time that we tuned in to see if there is anything we can do to assist with jetty/gradle integration - specially as we have new versions (9.4 http2 optimizations & 10.0 for servlet 4.0) coming out soon(ish).

So the state of play as I can see it is that Gradle includes an ancient jetty plugin (jetty6!) and development there has pretty much ceased in favour of third party plugins.

There was gradle-jetty-eclipse-plugin, but development of that stalled in favour of gretty.

Gretty itself has not been updated for a year and has itself been forked for bug fixes and updates to newer jetty versions.

The Jetty project would like to do what it can to help gradle integration, but we need input from Gradle users and the Gradle project as to where best we should direct our investigations and effort. What are the plans for an eco system of gradle plugins in general? Will they be maintained under the gradle project with PRs to maintain, or is it expected that they be maintained by the other party (eg jetty) or 3rd parties?

Are there features missing/needed in the current gretty offerings? Any idea why it has stalled? Does it not need changes?


@gregw Thanks for contacting us.

The Gradle Team is interested in dropping support for the jetty plugin we currently bundle with the Gradle Distribution. We really only continue to support it for backwards compatibility, but will probably deprecate it soon and remove it in 4.0 or 5.0. We feel that the community is mostly using the gretty plugin. I encourage you to invest your energy there.


Hi Greg,

we lacked bandwidth to keep the Jetty plugin properly maintained a couple of years ago. We were very glad when we saw the Gretty plugin being created by the community. This was primarily an effort by Andrey Khikhlovskiy. People were very happy with it. We should have officially deprecated the Jetty plugin shipped with Gradle a while ago to avoid confusion.

We have 800+ community plugins at plugins.gradle.org. They are all maintained by the community. I will reach out to Andrey with you in CC to ask him about the status. I don’t know if the Gretty plugin is lacking any features.

We want to have excellent Jetty support for Gradle.

Hi Greg,

I am Andrey Hihlovskiy, the initial developer of Gretty plugin ( https://github.com/akhikhl/gretty ). I’m sorry that the development stalled for some time, I was very busy with other things.

I return to Gretty development now. I think I could allocate something like 4 to 8 hours a week for that. For the beginning this will be mostly maintenance, no new features. With time and your support we can gain speed.

Greetings from Germany,
Andrey Hihlovskiy.

This is very exciting. We should think about integrating it with the Gradle continuous mode.


Awesome! Having recent releases of jetty supported is our main priority. If there is anything in jetty that you’d like to have modified to assist integration, just ask us in a github issue and we will do our best.

We need to learn more about gradle before we comment on features.


Today I released Gretty 1.4.0, which incorporates all changes from @saladinkzn fork, including support of Jetty 9.3.
Here is the release announcement: https://github.com/akhikhl/gretty/blob/master/RELEASE.md
Gretty documentation is available at: http://akhikhl.github.io/gretty-doc/
Have fun!

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