Upgrade plans for Jetty plugin

Are there any plans to upgrade the jetty plugin to support more recent java and jetty versions? I have been using the gretty plugin and it seems pretty dead as far as dev goes.

There are no current plans to do anything to the existing jetty plugin aside from perhaps deprecate it. As for the Gretty plugin, I’m not sure what the status is. You might want to reach out to Andrey. Updating to the latest Jetty version is probably something that you could contribute in the form of a PR.

Unfortunately, the problem is none of the existing PRs on that project by other people are being reviewed, discussed or looked after in any way by the author. So I am hesitant to spend the time working on something that could eventually end up as a dead patch.

May I ask why the project plans to deprecate the jetty plugin?

Mainly because the third-party alternatives (i.e. Gretty) are much better. Maintaining integration plugins inside Gradle core is quite burdensome. Ideally these types of integrations would be provided by the community, or the maintainers of the individual projects, as the Jetty team does for their Maven plugin. Sonar integration is an example of a plugin that was deprecated in Gradle core in favor of a third-party plugin maintained by the community (in this case, Sonarqube). I expect this to happen more and more.