Forums no longer render properly for older Firefox versions (3.x)

Not sure what change was recently enacted on the forums, but they no longer render properly in older Firefox browsers. It’s as if all of the javascript is disabled.

Hi Spencer,

I can’t reproduce with FireFox 3.6.25 on Mac OS X 10.7.

Can you provide some more information on your environment please.

It’s an even older 3.6.x version of Firefox than that sadly (not by choice).

Firebug (from within the affected Firefox) shows these 5 errors: I18n is not defined (gradle line 84) I18n.defaultLocale = “en”;

Form is not defined (gradle line 240) new Form.Element.DealyedEventObserver(…)

document is not defined (gradle 246) document.observe(“dom:loaded”, function() {

Cookie is not defined (gradle 351) if (!Cookie.accept) {

$j is not defined (script.js?sfgdata=… line 170) $j(function() {

Also, trying to hover over anything gets a “MeToo is not defined” error, and since it doesn’t know where that object is defined, it doesn’t list any line number.

Guess I’ll just use Chrome and/or IE to view the forums at work. It is definitely some fairly recent change that broke it, but no idea what.

What’s the exact version number?