Documentation CSS

I have a copy of Gradle 2.10’s HTML documentation on a SD card in my phone so I can carry it in my pocket to read the user guide. It works fairly well, I can set the zoom so the main text fits Firefox’s width. What’s a problem are the little code snippets. On my laptop the font size is about the same as the body text. Looking at this screenshot in Gimp a lowercase c is about 30 pixels high in the body text and 8 in the code examples, so you have to keep zooming in and out to read everything. Here I’ve zoomed in to read the code, I’ll have to zoom back out to fit a line of body text. Since it is CSS, a tweak in the CSS files would probably fix it

Admittedly I do have the font size zoomed in settings but it seems to affect some fonts more than others. Which could be a Firefox (43, Android) issue.