Ugly outfit of Docs site

First of all: congrats to the release of Gradle 1.2!

I first checked out the release notes online with Chrome, and stumbled over the ugly appearance of the font used. For example, it is hard to recognize the letter ‘e’. With Firefox, it looks better, but only a little bit.

So, I would suggest you to rethink your style.

keep on gradling…

If you increase the text size does the problem go away?

Yes, increasing the font size mitigates the problem and the middle bar on “e” will appear. But the font is too big then. :slight_smile: Better choose font that works on Windows+FF/Chrome too, please. I’m still not getting why IE works fine and the two others not, but… in any case we will appreciate readable font on 1:1 zoom.

Does have the same problem for you?

No, the picture in the other thread shows that it doesn’t:

Even the TOC in docs seems to be OK, only the font of the normal text there. Of course I didn’t wander through every page on the site :slight_smile: to check where it shows.

Increasing font size would be, for me, not an acceptable soltution - just because the size is quite alright,

BTW: the example boxes are very good readable.

I’m working on a resolution to this issue.

Found the problem.

I’ve pushed a new version of the docs that look ok on Windows to me. Can you please confirm.

Much better! Also after zoom-in the font doesn’t look edgy at all, very good. Thank you.

yes, now it is good readable again. Thank you.