Eclipse BuildShip: Add required projects on the build path

With Eclipse one could add required projects on the build path.
Properties > Java Build Path > Projects

Before when I was not using Eclipse BuildShip for Gradle, Eclipse would use this project. So that I could make a slight change in that project, and my main project would compile against it and use that when run from eclipse.

With Eclipse BuildShip this is not possible any more. I would have to manually build the project, upload the artifact to Nexus, refresh my main project and build and run in Eclipse. This for every small change i wish to make to the API project.

Is there any way I can get this back with Eclipse BuildShip?

That’s the intended behavior. Buildship is built upon the single-source-of-truth principle: when you synchronize the project with the Gradle build, the configuration, dependencies, etc. from the build scripts will be applied on the Eclipse projects. This behavior will help you to avoid situations when the project behaves differently in the IDE and in the command line.

You can customize the generated Eclipse projects though. You’ll find a few examples here.