Download Links on Website

I have to admit I get excited to see new releases of Gradle pop up in Reddit. But everytime I go to grab a fresh copy, I am always searching for a quick link button to the downloads area and I never see it.

I would love to see such a link, perhaps in the top level navigation bar, so that I can get a copy of my favorite build tool.

Or maybe I’m just not seeing it? Scanning through the top page, I don’t see any link to any download area for gradle…

EDIT: I feel like a fool, the “1. Install gradle…” button staring at me right from the page is what I want to click on. Still though, it would be cool to see a link in the top nav bar for “Install”

Hi Joshua,

I’m in charge of Sorry it’s not as obvious where to go to download Gradle distributions.

No fault of yours that we don’t make it clear. The navigation bar does need some love, doesn’t it?

I have a bunch of other projects going on right now, but I’ll see if I can come up with something better in the short term. Glad you got it figured out right away.


Awesome man, thanks for a quick response. Looking forward to those future enhancements!