Cannot download Gradle

When I click on Complete distribution option on the page I get directed to with a “Thank you for downloading Gradle” message, but no download has occurred.
I have tried on both Chrome and Firefox - same result.
Always scared to ask such simple questions. Lurking fear that this could be embarrassing…
Guidance appreciated.

Still no joy. So went into webpage source found the download target and downloaded manually.
Weird that download from webpage is not working.

Thanks Sean, this is a problem on our end. We will look into it today. Thanks for letting us know.

@SeanThomas Can you please confirm that the download definitely did not initiate (tools >> downloads) ? On one occasion, in trying to reproduce on chrome, it looked like the download had not initiated but it was actually downloading in the background.

Hi Adrian
I can confirm that no download occurred in the background. I checked for this several times.
However I just tried now and the download worked fine on Chrome.

Just to update, I also faced this issue today. It says “Thank you for downloading Gradle” message, but actually doesn’t download:

I used below link directly as suggested by Sean, & downloaded the zip file:

Same problem here-- it just pops up with the “thank you for downloading Gradle” text but the zip doesn’t appear in my downloads.