Community members should be able to make announcements, too

when they release a new plugin (version) give a talk have found a work-around to a problem found an interesting blog post etc.

I have made you and Rene community champions. That should enable you to do this.

Hi Hans

I’m still not able to make announcements. I don’t see the topic type ‘Announcement’ when creating a new topic.

Now it should work. I made you a moderator.

I’m sorry, Hans, but I still don’t see it. Still can’t do it - unless there is a very hidden way to make announcements that I have not yet found. And I searched pretty hard for it.

Sorry for wasting your time. Just found out that only people with the role ‘employee’ can make announcements.

We need to think about how to deal with that.

No worries :wink:

Any news on the topic?


I’ve seen community members work around this issue by praising with [ANN] prefix in the title.

We are looking at options to make the forum much more useful for plugin authors and contributors to both announce and support their work.