Please help to approve com.thl.releasehelper

(Tong) #1

Hi, all
I don’t know there is a approval process now for publishing plugin. Please help to approve com.thl.releasehelper, reject com.thl.buildhelper and com.thomas.releasehelper as both of them had been submitted by me. Thanks a lot.

(Eric Wendelin) #2

Hi Tong,

Could you please provide valid project and VCS URLs other than just “” in your plugin metadata?

I will reject just so you can re-submit with updated metadata.


(Tong) #3

Hi, Eriwen
Thanks for your response very much. Just now I had added related information and re-submit, would you like to help approve it? Thanks a lot.

(Eric Wendelin) #4

Hi again Tong,

Thanks for updating the URL. It looks like is empty so far.

Do you intend to host the plugin sources there?

(Tong) #5

I will add document soon. Would you like to make sure Plugin Portal requires it must open source? Thanks a lot.