Cannot publish my plugin on Gradle Plugins Repository (unauthorized)


I have been publishing plugins on Gradle Plugins Repository for years.

However, right now I am trying to publish one of my plugins and gradle is not allowing it.

The CLI suggested running gradlew login, which I did, but that seems to update keys and did not help at all.

I checked my API keys in my profile page, and it indeed had been modified. I copied the correct contents in the ~/.gradle/ file and still this just won’t work.

With --debug enabled, I can see that the error is logged:

[com.gradle.publish.OAuthHttpClient] Signed post response with code: 401 was: {"failed":true,"errorMessage":"Signature does not match. ....

How can I try to fix the signature?? Is this really the problem or what can be the problem?

Marking my own post as duplicate of Gradle Publish Plugin keys not working.