Buildship install in eclipse Mars 4.5.2

(Durand) #1


I use Eclipse Mars 2 (4.5.2) for developing with Javafx an Android application. Using the Gluon Charm down services (like accelerometer, compass), I have to install the Buildship in Eclipse. The installation came from:
The installation has been successfully installed. But, from Eclipse, when I have created a Gluon project like a Single View project (a reference project), the gradle tasks view said: “Could not create the view org.springsource.ide.eclipse.gradle.ui.views.GradleTasksView”. Especially the androidInstall task does not exist.
So, it is not possible to generate any code for smartphone.

Have I forgotten something in the installation of Buildship in Eclipse?

(Stefan Oehme) #2

The error message is coming from the STS Gradle plugin, which is not Buildship. You’ll probably get an answer on the STS issue tracker