Buildship install in eclipse Mars 4.5.2


I use Eclipse Mars 2 (4.5.2) for developing with Javafx an Android application. Using the Gluon Charm down services (like accelerometer, compass), I have to install the Buildship in Eclipse. The installation came from:
The installation has been successfully installed. But, from Eclipse, when I have created a Gluon project like a Single View project (a reference project), the gradle tasks view said: “Could not create the view org.springsource.ide.eclipse.gradle.ui.views.GradleTasksView”. Especially the androidInstall task does not exist.
So, it is not possible to generate any code for smartphone.

Have I forgotten something in the installation of Buildship in Eclipse?

The error message is coming from the STS Gradle plugin, which is not Buildship. You’ll probably get an answer on the STS issue tracker