Buildship 1.0.13 is now available

Today, we have released Buildship 1.0.13. The new release improves the task view, reduces the number of Gradle daemons started, and fixes several bugs that were reported by our valued community. It will be the final 1.x release, providing a rock-solid Gradle integration for Eclipse Neon.

We will continue our work on the 2.x stream, which will support Composite Builds in the coming weeks.

Task view supports grouping

By default, the task view now groups tasks by their ‘group’ attribute. You can switch back to the flat presentation through the Options drop-down menu.

Task view can execute tasks in flat multi-project builds

The task view can now run project tasks on sub-projects in a flat project layout.

Please note that running tasks selectors in flat project layouts is only possible if you follow the “master” naming convention. In other flat layouts, the task selectors will be shown, but running them will be disabled. Running project tasks works in all cases.

Fewer Gradle daemons started

Buildship now starts a significantly lower number of Gradle daemons, which reduces memory usage.

Sub-project folders no longer marked as “derived”

Nested sub-project folders were marked as “derived” since Buildship 1.0.11 in order to hide duplicate files from the “Open Resource” view. This led to integration issues with several team providers. For instance, eGit automatically ignores derived folders. For this reason, Buildship no longer sets the “derived” flag on sub-project folders.

This change can lead to duplicate resources being shown in the “Open Resource” view. If you are using Eclipse Mars or above, you can enable the “Filter Duplicated Resources” option. This option will be activated by default in Eclipse Neon.


Buildship 1.0.13 is available at the Eclipse Marketplace or at the update sites. Users with Buildship already installed can automatically update to the latest version.

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An issue was reported concerning the task view grouping in Buildship 1.0.13: the task view can contain multiple task groups with the same name.

We have released Buildship 1.0.14 which contains a fix for this problem.