Buildship 1.0.11 is now available

Today, we have released Buildship 1.0.11. The new release brings huge project import performance improvements, many project synchronization refinements, and enhanced project renaming support.

We received a large amount of valuable feedback from our community through our Forum, Bugzilla and Eclipse Automated Error Reports. Please see BugZilla for the complete list of all issues addressed in this release.

Buildship 1.0.11 is based on Gradle 2.12, which offers great improvements itself.

Performance improvements

Importing and synchronizing large Gradle projects has become much faster. Buildship now imports our 500 sub-project example build in just under 20 seconds.

Project synchronization refinements

Buildship’s project synchronization logic has been further refined:

  • Manually added classpath attributes on source folders are kept
  • The project root directory can be a source folder
  • Linked resource folders don’t need to exist physically
  • Source folders are not created if they don’t exist physically
  • Sub-projects that don’t physically exist are ignored
  • The build directory can be a linked folder

Project renaming enhancements

Buildship now keeps the names of the Gradle projects in-sync with the Eclipse workspace even if you change a Gradle project’s name in settings.gradle. The synchronization happens every time you refresh the project.

Please note that there is one exception to this rule: projects located in the so-called ‘default location’ (directly under the workspace root folder) cannot be renamed. This is a limitation set by Eclipse. We recommend that you put your projects in an external location to benefit from renaming support in all circumstances.

Detection of Gradle version changes when using the Gradle Wrapper

Buildship now recognizes when the Gradle version in the file changes and uses that version when refreshing the project the next time.

No automatic synchronization when hitting F5

Buildship no longer runs the synchronization between Gradle and Eclipse when you refresh the Eclipse file system (pressing F5). You can instead define a custom shortcut to synchronize your projects. If you want the old behavior back, just bind the synchronization to F5.

Sub-project folders can be made visible

The sub-project folders used to be completely excluded from the parent project’s resource tree. Buildship now allows you to show/hide these folders, just like the build directory.


Buildship 1.0.11 is available at the Eclipse Marketplace or at the update sites. Users with Buildship already installed can automatically update to the latest version.

There was a regression in Buildship 1.0.11: Flat multi-project builds could no longer be synchronized.

We have released Buildship 1.0.12, which fixes this issue.