Zip download redirect and sdkman

Hi there,

the download URL of gradle uses a redirect, from to

Unfortunately, curl can’t handle this properly when being used in sdkman.

See for further observations.

Please help solving the issue. Would be highly appreciated to be able to install the latest Gradle using sdkman.

Thanks & regards

I use sdkman to install each and every Gradle release or RC in several different environments (all Mac or Linux). I have not had any issues with any release so far.

Since your post, I’ve uninstalled, flushed, and installed Gradle 2.14.1, Gradle 2.14, Gradle 3.0-milestone-2, and a couple other random versions. I have not experienced any cases where sdkman doesn’t succeed in the install.

I have also done the same without any problems. I have already commented on the same Github issue mentioned above.

My only guess would be that we had a faulty proxy handling redirects after being initially redirected from SDKMAN (which explains why vertx was fine). Also worth mentioning that we have had no further complaints regarding this.

Yep, now this has become a WFM.