Wrong version of PMD in SonarRunner?

When running SonarQube I see:

build	16-Apr-2015 09:37:15	SonarQube Runner 2.3
build	16-Apr-2015 09:37:15	INFO: SonarQube Server 4.4
build	16-Apr-2015 09:37:38	09:37:38.348 INFO  - Execute PMD 5.1.1...

While according to http://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/PMD+Plugin Sonar 2.3 should be using PMD 5.2.1. Is there something wrong with the Gradle plugin? Is it possible to set the PMD version for Sonar manually?

The PMD used is centrally configured in SonarQube. Did you check in the SonarQube dashboard that the proper version is selected for your quality profile?

Aha! I didn’t realize that the dependencies at the SonarQube server are used. SonarQube Server 4.4 can only use PMD plugin 2.2, which has PMD 5.1.1. Thanks for clearing that up.