Versions of plugin dependencies?

Is there any way to check, which version of PMD is used by Gradle PMD plugin? The same goes for Findbugs and Checkstyle, e.g. And where should I post a suggestion for upgrading that version? E.g. to use latest version of PMD 5.

The default version for code quality plugins is hard-coded in the plugin source code. However, you set a different version from the outside with the help of the property toolVersion. The same property name is used for other code quality plugins.


pmd {
    toolVersion = '5.0'

To change the default version for a plugin, feel free to send us a pull request including some tests to verify that it functions correctly. We welcome every contribution.


* What went wrong:
Task 'pmd' is ambiguous in root project 'plumbr'. Candidates are: 'pmdMain', 'pmdTest'.

The plugin does not expose a task with name “pmd”. You should just have to execute the task “check” to generate PMD metrics.

Sorry for not being specific. The error above was generated by your suggested example:

pmd {
    toolVersion = '5.0.5'

I didn’t check whether the version 5.0 actually exists in a repository (e.g. Maven Central). The version number depends on what you are planning to use so assigning the “correct” version is up to you.

The command line output you posted earlier basically says that you executed “gradle pmd”. The task “pmd” does not exist.