When will Buildship allow users to search for artifacts in defined repositories?

I’ve asked this before, but I’ve never seen it mentioned in a real issue/enhancement.

When is Buildship going to have the ability to search for available artifacts in the repositories available to the project (according to the implicit or explicit “repositories” entries)?

For comparison, I’m referring to the ability with m2e to index the artifacts available in the defined repositories and allow the user to search for any substring of group name or artifact name. A selection will insert the dependency into the POM being edited.

Without this feature in Buildship, I either have to have a dummy Maven project in my workspace that specifies the same repositories, or I have to search on various web sites to see what artifacts (and versions) are available.

It is much more convenient to just use the search facility in m2e for this.

We have no plans to add such a feature in the near future. This could be implemented as a standalone plugin outside of Buildship though if anyone is interested in giving it a stab.