Reasonable place to ask about planned functionality for Buildship?

I looked in the Buildship docs and stories, and there isn’t much there that gives a feeling for the overall set of features that Buildship is going to provide.

I was wondering whether these random features would get into it, in no particular priority order:

  • Search for dependencies and available versions on configured repositories
  • View of effective dependencies tree
  • Executing “open-declaration” while cursor is on project name in settings.gradle or any build.gradle, would open the “build.gradle” for that project

Concerning completion, I found the following statement in the “editor stories” page:

“Support code completion in Gradle build files for project properties and methods, tasks properties and methods, dependency configuration, plugins, etc.”

I would hope this statement could be expanded to be more specific. I’m particularly concerned about getting completion in plugin extension blocks. I believe that is one area that will be more volatile and likely to change, as opposed to other areas of the build script that could potentially get completion support.

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Good idea. It could be included once we tackle editor support.

No commitments though on when it will be available.

We will look more into what is actually possible and reasonable once we tackle editor support. The new configuration model will also have an impact on what can be done in terms of completion support.

What better place to ask than here! So glad to see such questions.