What is the status of the JVM Test Suite plugin?

The Gradle documentation says that the JVM Test Suite plugin is incubating. Where can I look up the current status of the plugin? I want to setup a new project and just want to check if there is any progress with this plugin and if it makes sense to start using it.

The same documentation indicates that the plugin was introduced in the 7.3 feature release and modified in the 7.4 feature release. It was introduced in the previous feature release and enhanced in the current feature release. You’re not going to find published information more current than that without looking through the issues and commits that are actively being developed for the next release, and still could change.

If it does what you need, use it. The absolute worst case is you’d have to do the same work later that you’d avoid doing now by using the plugin. The best case is you won’t need to change anything or the changes will be minimal, but likely based on feedback from people like yourself actually using it.