GradleTest 1.0 in beta

With the advent of GradleTestKit really coming of age since Gradle 2.13 it had deprecated some of the need of GradleTest and has superceded it with better reporting.

At Gradle Summit 2016, I had a conversation with @bmuschko about what the limits of reponsibility of GradleTestKit are. So instead of completly killing off GradleTest I’ve put some work into it to utilise GradleTestKit underneth, but still allow plugin authors to write test projects which can then be run

The updated plugin, which will be version 1.0, will detect the current version of Gradle and automatically switch to legacy mode if a developer’s plugin is being built with anything Gradle 2.12 or younger. If the plugin is built with 2.13+ it will invoke a new GradleTestKit-based operation which will bring all of the known Gradle test reporting with it.

Currently it is all on a branch -, but the beta plugin is already in the plugin portal.

I would like to invite people to try it out and raise issues, questions and suggestions against it on Github.

Edit: The code has been merge to master:


Great stuff Schalk. This is a very useful thing.

I’ve done a beta2 which fixes the issues I saw under Windows.

Also released the preview of the docs -

Build scan info is availabel on I cannto say I have seen anything terrible exciting or frightening in the data.

I released 1.1 a while ago. It now includes, IMO, a wonderful feature that will detect Gradle deprecation messages as failures. It is a simple way for plugin authors to correct code ahead of time.

(This behaviour can be turned off).