Tests w/ JVM component plugins


nice work w/ the new component plugin, but how do you declare tests for your components? the docs don’t mention them at all currently.


Patience Padawan :slight_smile:


Ah ok. Thanks! Wasn’t sure how safe the assumption “not documented” == “not implemented yet” is.

@sterling can you give the direct link to the release notes? I think the next branch was cut and the link is empty.

You’ll have to grab the 2.11 release notes from GitHub until we publish the first RC.

Some documentation links in the release notes are broken: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/blob/release/subprojects/docs/src/docs/release/userguide/java_software.html leads to a 404.

I tried

testSuites {
    coreSuite(JUnitTestSuiteSpec) {
      jUnitVersion '4.12'
      testing $.components.core

as indicated in the release notes, but got:

A problem occurred configuring root project 'luaj-jse'.
> The following model rules could not be applied due to unbound inputs and/or subjects:

    testSuites { ... } @ build.gradle line 51, column 3
        - testSuites Object [*]

  [*] - indicates that a model item could not be found for the path or type.

(with 2.12-20160117230024+0000)

This is because the user guide for 2.11 has not been published. This won’t be available until we do a release candidate, which should be later this week.

This is because you need to apply the junit testing plugin. The release notes should be modified to indicate this.

apply plugin: 'junit-test-suite'