Weird fail on (enunciate 2.10.0)

The latest release of enunciate (2.10.0) appears on, but the associated artifacts cannot be downloaded.


Clicking on the artifacts results in output like this:

 <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Can someone help figure out what the problem is?


Hi Jesper,

It’s an issue with the old version (0.9.6) of the “com.gradle.plugin-publish” plugin prior to 0.9.7 that you are using.

There was a bug in versions prior to 0.9.7, where artifacts would silently not be pushed into the repo, which means the latest version of your plugin will not work properly when people apply it to their build.

Upgrading to the latest version (0.9.9) of the plugin-publish-plugin will fix this, but this will require pushing a new version of your plugin.

  1. update the plugin in your repo
  2. publish a new version of your plugin

You should be able to delete that version of the plugin yourself (as it’s within 7 days) and re-publish the same version again if that’s preferrable?

Thanks (and sorry about that).

That fixed the problem.