Using a newer version of Jetty with Gradle?

(Joe McCall) #1

What’s the best way to go about this? We have JSP pages that render fine under Jetty-8/Tomcat7 but break under Jetty-6.1. Since jetty-6.1 is still officially under “maintenance” status my guess is that there’s no need to change the default version in gradle distribution. Perhaps a jetty8 plugin?

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Either a new plugin, or make the existing plugin work with multiple Jetty versions.

(Joe McCall) #3

GRADLE-1956 has been open for a while. I might be able to fix it. Would it be ok if I forked gradle and submitted a pull request against this ticket if I can?

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

I can’t make any promises, but if we are happy with the approach taken and the code produced, we will definitely consider to pull it.

(Martin Göllnitz) #5

To me it sounds like still using Jetty 6 is not much of a good idea anymore. What would be the benefit of using the old stuff? You still can use servlet 2.5 by indicating this in your webapps config files.

So I would suggest leaving out the efford to support more than one version with more than one plugin and “simply” update the existing one to current version levels of jetty.

(Andreas Sahlbach) #6

Please see my plugin supporting the newer jetty versions:


(Mike Richardson) #7

I highly recommend the Gretty plugin, available on github and written by Andrey Hihlovskiy. It’s regularly updated, very well documented, and written by someone who is an well versed with Gradle and Jetty.