User does not have write permission error on plugin publish

* What went wrong:
 Execution failed for task ':publishPlugins'.
 > Failed to post to server.
 Server responded with:
 The user 'nebula' does not have write permissions to: nebula.plugin-plugin'

I’m trying to publish a plugin with a name change. Have it configured in my plugins block:

pluginBundle {
  website = '' // this is what it was on failure, just sent commit to fix it, hopefully not the reason my role account didn't have write permission
  vcsUrl = ''

  plugins {
    pluginplugin {
      id = 'nebula.plugin-plugin'
      displayName = 'Nebula Plugin Plugin'
      description = 'Sets up publishing and release process for all of the other nebula plugins'
      tags = ['nebula', 'plugin']

  mavenCoordinates {
    groupId = ''
    artifactId = 'nebula-plugin-plugin'

Still seeing this error:

Please advise.

Hi Rob

Sorry this got dropped the first time around.

The nebula.plugin-plugin was owned by your rspieldenner_netflix account. I’ve updated it to be owned by the nebula account. Can you please try publishing it again?



@rspieldenner_netflix I’m assuming you are no longer seeing this issue as the plugin was published on the 23rd Dec 2015:

This has been resolved.