Unable to create java class in custom plugin project

HI ,

I am creating custom plugin for my project and its created successfully .

But its alway showing “can not resolve symbol” error . please find the below screen shot but BUILD IS SUCCESSFUL and created plugin also

I am getting the BUILD FAILED error , if i import the “org.apache.tools.ant.Project” for resolving the issue .

Because of this issue i am not able to create “.Java” file for calling java method from groovy script

Please help me to solve this error and let me know how to call the java method from groovy script which i create plugin task

Thanks , Muthu Selvan SR

I am trying to “import org.gradle.api.Project” for resolving the issue but its showing the following error in interlji ide

NOTE : I am using gradle 2.0 , ruby 2.3

Any update for my issue ? Please !

it working fine when i added the gradle lib folder in class path of the intellji ide …