Odd plugin failure

I am trying to apply a plugin (Gradle - Plugin: org.hibernate.build.xjc-jakarta) but get an error that is cryptic to me and I am not sure how to resolve:

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating project ':hibernate-core-jakarta-work'.
> Could not create task ':hibernate-core-jakarta-work:xjcCfg'.
   > Could not create task of type 'XjcTask'.
      > Could not generate a decorated class for type XjcTask.
         > Cannot have abstract method GroovyObject.getProperty().

I’m not sure what “Cannot have abstract method GroovyObject.getProperty()” means. This is literally a copy of a plugin I have been using for years (switching from Java EE to Jakarta EE).

Did you try the newer version 1.0.2 which has been released just one day after you posted your thread? Looks like it could address your issue?

@geissld Version 1.0.2 of what? You mean the plugin? It’s my plugin, so yes I have tried it :slight_smile:

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What version of Gradle are you running? I have a feeling there’s a conflict in Groovy version it was built against vs the Groovy version you’re running with since GroovyObject is a core groovy class

Looking at the wrapper.properties from the plugin its build with Gradle 6.9. Perhaps try building with Gradle 6.9 as a starting point