Weird error from Gradle Eclipse plugin

I’m asking this on “Help/Discuss” instead of “Bugs”, as the Eclipse Groovy plugin isn’t maintained by this community. I’m only asking this to see if anyone has run into this.

I’ve been having frustrating problems with the Groovy view in my STS 3.6.4 instance (losing key bindings), so I decided to try a fresh Eclipse Luna install, and then installing the Groovy and Gradle plugins by adding the SpringSource update site and adding from there.

When Eclipse starts up, I get an error dialog with a “summary” error of "Update Gradle Classpath for ", and a detailed error of “org.gradle.jvm.tasks.Jar
Could not fetch model of type ‘EclipseProject’ using Gradle distribution ‘’.” After dismissing that, my Gradle plugin project has an error saying “Groovy:unable to resolve class org.gradle.jvm.tasks.Jar”.

Any ideas for dealing with this?

I think I’ve found a solution for this. What I finally realized is that I’m referencing “org.gradle.jvm.tasks.Jar” in my custom plugin, and the apparently “default” version of Gradle that I was getting in Eclipse has a different FQCN for that task. Once I changed my “Gradle Distribution” property from “Use Gradle wrapper’s default” to the path to my Gradle 2.3 distribution, that error went away.