Trying to do an offline Build using a Local Repository -- Dependency issue

Hi, I’m developing in an environment without internet access. I’m trying to configure the “build.gradle” to use a local repository. I have downloaded all the jar and pom files to my system local directories.
However, when I execute ./gradlew fetch I run into dependency issues…

Here is the Error output:
Starting a new Gradle Daemon for this build (subsequent builds will be faster).

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
•What went wrong:
Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:runtime’.

Could not find de.gesellix:gradle-docker-plugin:2016-05-05T13-15-11.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:
Could not find org.yaml:snakeyaml:1.10.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:

Here is my build.gradle file:

apply plugin: ‘groovy’

repositories {
// maven { url ‘’ }
// maven { url ‘’ }
// mavenLocal()
// mavenCentral()
maven { url ‘file://’ + new File(System.getProperty(“user.dir”), ‘/setup_dev/pkgrepo/mav2-repo/m2/’).absolutePath }
// maven { url uri(‘setup_dev/pkgrepo/mav2-repo/m2/’)}

dependencies {
compile gradleApi()
compile localGroovy()
compile 'de.gesellix:gradle-docker-plugin:2016-05-05T13-15-11’
compile ‘org.yaml:snakeyaml:1.10’
//compile ‘’

Could someone please shines some the light on the subject. I’m don’t know to much about Gradle however it is something I really need to get pass as my project is coming due.

I would able to download and store the Gradle Binary locally. It finds the binary just fine but the dependency issue is blocking me. Thanks.