Treating a maven2 repo as an ivy repo

We currently use Gradle to publish our C++ artifacts to an Ivy repository in Artifactory. Unfortunately, we need to migrate this to Nexus and this means using a maven2 repository.

Treating a maven2 repository as an Ivy repository seems to work as we can publish our components as before and fetch dependencies using dynamic revisions.

Is this bad? Any known problems with this?

What do you mean by “treating a maven2 repository as an Ivy repository”? Maven repositories and ivy repositories have slightly different capabilities (ivy.xml allows more flexibility in definition of artifacts). But other than that, Gradle should function equally well with both Maven and Ivy repositories.

We have to use a Maven repository as Nexus doesn’t allow for Ivy repositories.

We’re configuring the Maven repository as follows:

project.repositories {
                        ivy {
                            name 'our-maven-repo'
                            layout 'pattern', {
                            credentials {

We’re publishing our ivy.xml & artifacts into a maven repository and not relying on POMs. This seems to work, but I was just wondering if there were any unforeseen problems with this.