Transformation of SCSS files using SASS via gradle


we tried to use this gradle plugin com.github.robfletcher.compass for transformation of SCSS files to CSS files using SASS-Compile but it is currently not really satisfying our needs. On windows we need to create subfolders in the output folder before we invoke the compassCompile task (otherwise we get an error “Errno::ESRCH on line [“952”] of org/jruby/ No such process - …”) and it only accepts one input directory if i got the api right. We would have to specify the scss scripts to translate so a file collection would help us here. Currently we copy the relevant files to translate over to a temp directory and copy the files back again after the translation.

We would like to know what the gradle way for SASS compile is. Are there any plans for the future to bring up an own solution or is the above plugin the best solution currently?

thanks in advance !