To create jars before compilation

Hello All,

I am novice to Gradle, The current Maven project has a pom.xml which will create and provide the jar before the actual compilation starts for that project.

The part of pom.xml which I am unable to translate to gradle is in the below location.

Please let me to know how to do this???


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. The snippet your posted configures the surefire plugin to not run tests by default and to ignore test failures. It has nothing to do with producing a jar file.

Regarding the question itself, given that a jar file contains compiled class files, how could gradle produce a jar file before compiling source files?

Regardless of your pom.xml, what are you trying to achieve?

Sorry for the incorrect way of asking question.

I wanted to create a fatJar and got to know about the same through the documentation.

Second thing is, there are few customized plugins present in the current project.

I would like to know how will I write them in Gradle i.e. passing arguments to those plugins, using the result of that etc…

I have copied the segment of the earlier question in the below link.
Please let me know how to do the same.