Tests missing from generate JUnit XML reports


I have noticed a strange thing: sometimes - some of my tests do not get JUnit XML report generated, like they were not executed at all. What is even more strange is when I turn on testLogging

testLogging {
            events "started", "skipped", "failed", "passed"

Then for these tests I never get a “skipped”, “failed”, or “passed” event, although “started” event was emitted.

What might be wrong? I am using Gradle 2.10



Are they being executed? Do they show up in the HTML report?

They are not in the HTML report, because there are no JUnit XML report for them. I see that they got started, but and that is only I see - there is no event about passing, failing…

I finally found the reason for this behavior - the code under test was invoking System.exit(0) causing then the testworker JVM to exit.