TestNG disabled tests are not properly reported as skipped

I have a simple TestNG class like so:

public class UtilsTest
    public void test1() {
        // Pass..
    public void test2() {
        System.out.println("UtilsTest.test2 running..");
                  // Fail:
        throw new RuntimeException("Dick");
          @Test(enabled = false)
    public void test3() {

Note that test3 is disabled, equivalent to the @Ignore annotation provided by JUnit. I have configured logging of all events in my build script file like so:

test {
    testLogging {
        showStandardStreams = true
        events 'started', 'passed', 'failed', 'skipped'

The console output is this:

The test report look like this:

So please note that “ignored” tests in TestNG is not picked up by Gradle. I haven’t tried my build using JUnit so far, but I bet it work because the code is more or less a copy paste from the book Gradle in Action which so far is a rather good book.

My system:

I should add that it doesn’t matter if I in my build script, pass the string “skipped” or TestLogEvent.SKIPPED to TestLogging.events(Object…).

Thank you guys for delivering an awesome product together with awesome documentation. Much needed in the modern chaotic world.

Yes, sorry, this is an old problem: GRADLE-2643