Gradle 2.13 - Android instrumentation html reports show 'ignored' tests as 'passed'

I’m running Android Instrumentation tests with AndroidJUnitRunner via
\gradlew connectedCheck -Pandroid.testInstrumentationRunnerArguments.class=MyTestClass --info

I can see in the console that the tests I have annotated with @Ignore, are correctly being skipped.
I can also see in the XML output (in ‘\build\outputs\androidTest-results\connected’), that the results are correctly marked skipped. The XML looks like this:

    <skipped />

The only problem is that the generated HTML report (in '\build\reports\androidTests\connected\'), **counts these skipped tests as 'passed'**. If I look at the results for the individual test methods, the methods that should be "skipped" are shown as "passed". The summary page also seems incorrect. If I have 58 tests, but 7 of them are ignored, and 0 of them failed, I would think that the summary should show this, but instead the summary is just shown as "58 tests, 0 failures".

Gradle Version: gradle-2.13-all
Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
Is this a regression? Probably not. I see the same issue with gradle-2.10-all