Test Fails from SonarRunner test task but not from project test task in multi project build


I have a multi project setup where test task for the sub project builds successfully without any issues but fails when trying to run sonarrunner task. I have test compile dependencies for that subproject on other sub projects. How to tell sonarrunner to include the subprojects in compile time for tests ? The sonar test run is not compiling and including the dependent project before test execution.

Sonarrunner task execution
Execution failed for task ‘:projectA:test’.

Indvidual execution




I’m not sure what’s going on in your case. I did want to point out though that SonarQube are now maintaining an official plugin for Gradle which may work better for you.

thanks for the info. I will try to use it and see if it fixes the issue

I am still having the same issue with the sonarqube plugin.

Hi, sorry for the late answer but I don’t monitor this forum. I will investigate issue about dependency isolation between test and sonarqube tasks. Feel free to join SonarQube user group to report issues about SonarQube Gradle Plugin.