Suggestion about build.gradle and plugins

Hello all. I’m using a Lubuntu machine and we are developing a Spring Boot 2.1.4 application with Gradle and

  • Java 8
  • Mustache (I didn’t choosed it…)
  • Oracle with sql2o
  • Bootstrap, jQuery and many jQuery plugins

I’m also planning to adopt OpenJDK 11 and Kotlin.

This is our build.gradle:

Do you have any suggestion about the build, or some additional plugin?

PS: the tools I currently use are:

  • Gitlab
  • Firefox with extensions:
    • Empty Cache Button
    • Fake Data
    • Others not related
  • Chrome
  • Dbeaver
  • Eclipse with Jrebel and PMD
  • Atom with atom-beautify (and all the required external programs…)
  • Dia
  • Meld
  • Command line svn
  • bash

The problems I currently have are:

  1. Sometimes Firefox doesn’t show me in Debugger the whole source code. If I do CNTRL+U the entire code shows up, but I can’t use breakpoints. The same with Chrome
  2. Meld is a good comparison program, but I really miss WinMerge. But I don’t want to install Wine.
  3. Gitlab labels are a mess. They can’t be grouped, sorted, categorized. It’s hard to set the correct label every time.
  4. svn via command line works great until I have a conflict. It’s really hard to see the differences between the various releases inside the source code. But I don’t want to use Subclipse (even if I installed it), because I don’t want to forget how to use svn via command line
  5. Eclipse has multiple issues:
  • it’s slow
  • it does not format/tidy HTML document
  • it does not validate JS inside HTML
  • doesn’t support mustache syntax
  • PMD it’s really slow. Currently I’m the only one that uses it, I can’t suggest it to my colleagues.

Can’t you suggest me some external program, or some plugin/extension for Firefox, Eclipse or Atom that can help me with these problems and with the development of this application in general?