sonar-runner defaults to sonar.dynamicAnalysis:"reuseReports" which is deprecated since sonar 4.2

sonar.dynamicAnalysis:“reuseReports” is deprecated

So far this message is only a deprecation message and seems to have been introduced with Sonar 4.3. This shouldn’t cause your analysis to fail.

I’d assume that most users didn’t upgrade to the latest Sonar version yet so we can’t just take this away. Does Sonarqube propose a different attribute as replacement?

you are right, my jobs doesn’t fail. I just wanted to add it as a possible improvement for future version.

I think there is no replacement for this setting. As far as I understoo, sonar is not going to run any tests anymore making this setting useless. Don’t you think we could change the default options to not include this parameter?(users on older version would then have to add it explicitly to their configuration)