How stable is SonarRunner plugin?

I realize it’s still incubating, but do you see any changes to the core interaction of setting properties using the new extension? We are contemplating a Sonar upgrade in the next few months and would need to rely on this for our builds.

So far, no API changes are planned. I expect the new plugin to be promoted in 1.7. There is one open issue related to the ‘sonarRunner’ task depending on ‘test’, causing problems if the latter fails.

Sounds good. Thanks for the response!

How about plans to upgrade to the version of the runner that supports forking the process?

I’ve tried to upgrade to Sonar Runner 2.2, but it turned out that it requires Java 1.6 or higher. This will require conceptual (how to best deal with the situation) and technical work on our side, and it’s unlikely that we can get this in for Gradle 1.7. In addition, we’ll probably have to model forking options on our side, as they don’t seem to be configurable via Sonar properties. If you are interested in contributing, please let us know.

Yes, I would be interested in contributing. Let me know if you have any specific requirements/design in mind.